Custom GT Grease Trap Bacteria Case Study Houston

Grease Trap Bacteria – A Case Study This is a case study in Houston, Tx using grease trap bacteria manufactured by Custom Biologicals, Custom GT.

Car Wash Odor Control Product

Finally!   Custom Biologicals offers a simple, do it yourself, car wash odor control product.  Reduce or eliminate odors quickly, and cheaply, without the capital expense

Shrimp Farm Wastewater Treatment by Biological Methods

Shrimp Farm Wastewater Treatment by Biological Methods   During the past ten to twenty years, shrimp farming has became a major income producer for a number

Welcome to Reduce FOG – Website

Welcome to the Reduce FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) Website! We’re glad you’re here. This is the wastewater treatment website for Custom Biologicals. This site