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Using Fizzytabs for Odor Control

Using Fizzytabs for Odor Control A Case study in Thailand Odor Control fizzytabs are a unique product designed and developed by Custom Biologicals. Fizzytabs contain billion of beneficial, odor eating, microbes. These microbes attack the source of the odor. There are no masking agents used. Fizytabs are a unique, effervescent tablet. This case study is a look at a unique use for odor control fizzytabs. Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz for more information. Download (PDF,...
Sale on Septic Fizzytabs for June 2015

Sale on Septic Fizzytabs for June 2015

Sale on Septic Fizzytabs for June 2015 BUY NOW $10 off Septic Fizzytab 12 packs in June 2015 – Now Only $29.99 for a yearly supply. FREE US SHIPPING. Septic Fizzytabs are a once a month Septic tank treatment designed to keep your septic tank running smoothly between pump outs. And now – FOR JUNE ONLY – you can get $10 off a yearly supply of 12 fizzytabs. A yearly supply only costs $29.99. The $10.00 will automatically apply at checkout. Here’s the link – CLICK HERE. Don’t you hate it when a product goes on sale and then they increase the mysterious handling fee. Or charge $20 shipping on a ten dollar item. Well Septic Fizzytabs are $29.99. There is NO handling charge and NO US Shipping Charge. BUY NOW Septic fizytabs are a unique, once a month septic treatment. Simply remove a tab from the container, drop into the toilet, let dissolve, and flush. That’s IT! Septic Fizzytabs contain billions of beneficial microorganisms that replace and augment the microbes in your septic tank. These beneficial microorganisms metabolize (eat) the waste in your tank. Helping your tank running smoothly between...