Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater – A Case Study of Blood Plasma WasteWater

This case study is about the biological treatment of industrial wastewater, specifically blood plasma wastewater. Industrial wastewater treatment can be performed biologically using a bioaugmentation product such as F-TREAT by Custom Biologicals.

F-TREAT is a biological wastewater treatment product designed to reduce odors, reduce BOD, reduce COD, reduce FOG, and reduce the petrochemicals typically found in industrial wastewater. F-TREAT contains specifically selected bacteria proven effective in improving wastewater treatment plant performance. The bacteria in F-TREAT will break down and metabolize organic compounds such as: fats, oils, greases, proteins, starches, hydrocarbons, and phenols.


Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater – A Case Study of Blood Plasma Wastewater


Client Category: Manufacturer of blood plasma products. Industrial wastewater.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Physical Plant: Six-stage 430 gallon clarifier. Retention time 30 minutes.

Flow: 110,000 GPD (gallons per day)

Wastewater Problem: City surcharges for excess BOD and TSS average $50,000.00 per quarter.

Previous Treatment: Chlorine injection after clarifier. The BOD of influent and effluent were virtually the same.

Custom Treatment: F-TREAT was continuously injected into the system at the rate of two 55 gallon drums per month. Bionutrients were also added.

Custom Results: An ten day product trial produced to following results. Note the almost immediate reduction in BOD by the use of the biological treatment of industrial wastewater.


F-TREAT industrial wastewater treatment data.


This case study has been about the biological treatment of industrial wastewater. Results shown here are typical but each industrial wastewater effluent is unique. Contact Custom Biologicals at (561) 797-3008 or at to discuss how F-TREAT can help you with your tough industrial wastewater problems.

F-TREAT is available as a liquid concentrate, a ready-to-use, and in slow release tablets. F-TREAT is manufactured by Custom Biologicals. Custom has a wide variety of biological products for use in environmental applications. Dealer/Distributor inquires are welcome. 

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