Bioremediation of an Oil Water Separator – Case Study

The Bioremediation of a Oil Water Separator – A Case Study

This case study involves the use of Custom-HC, a bioremediation bacterial product, in a oil water separator. Oil water separators are deigned to keep oil, fuel oils, and hydrocarbons out of municipal sewage systems. Oil water separators are a form of industrial wastewater treatment and work because of the different densities of water and oil.

The generally accepted method to maintain the oil water separator is simply to pump it out periodically. This is expensive and unnecessary. Bioremediation, the use of specific bacteria to metabolize oil, is as less expensive and efficient process of maintaining oil water separators.

Custom HC, a bioremediation product of Custom Biologicals, is the bioremediation bacteria used in this case study. Custom HC contains petrophilic, oil loving, bacteria. These bacteria have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to metabolize, eat, typical compounds found in oil water separators such as; oil, diesel, gasoline, BTEX, TPH, and phenols.

Client Category: Oil Water Separator Repair garage for fleet of 29 vehicles

Location: East Boston, Massachusetts

Capacity: 200 gallon separator discharging into city sewage system

Industrial Wastewater Problem: Received letter from city to either clean the separator or pump it. The TPH was 33,940 mg/L. The city code calls for under 100 mg/L.

Previous Treatment: Pump and Disposal: average yearly cost of $16,000.00 per year

Custom Treatment: Custom HC was injected as directed each night into the separator with an electric pump. Nutrients were added as directed once per month


Yearly Savings to Client: $14,800.00


Custom HC Bioremediation of an Oil Water Separator

Custom Biologicals has a oil water separator bioremediation kit for purchase. More information about the Oil water separator kit is hereDealer/Distributor inquires are welcome. 

Custom HC is a bioremediation product of Custom Biologicals. The results shown in this case study are typical. Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about how to use Custom HC to treat your industrial wastewater problem.

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