Bioremediation Products of Custom Biologicals

Bioremediation Products of Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of bioremediation products. Custom Biologicals is always on the lookout for new distributors, both domestic and international. Contact Custom for more information.

Petroleum and Hydrocarbon Bioremediation Products

Custom – HC is a petroleum and hydrocarbon digestant. Custom HC contains petrophilic (oil loving) bacteria that have specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to metabolize hydrocarbons, petroleum products, BTEX, TPH, and more. Custom HC is available as a liquid concentrate and in convenient

Bioremediation products of Custom BIologicals
Bioremediation Products of Custom Biologicals.

dissolvable tablets, Custom HC-Tabs. Custom HC is the ideal product for a large scale bioremediation project or for the cleanup of a retention pond.

Small Spill Kit – This kit has been specifically designed to treat small hydrocarbon and petroleum spills. Ideal for golf courses and other facilities that occasionally have small oil spills.

Car Wash Recycle Water Odor Control Kit – The number one complaint of car wash customers is odor. Who wants to wash their car with nasty, smelly water. This kit eliminates car wash recycle odor.

Oil Water Separator Kit – This kit is one of the bioremediation products designed by Custom. It is intended to bioremediate oil/water separators, reducing odors, hydrocarbons, and oil.

Custom PF – Biological Paraffin Inhibitor. This product is designed to reduce paraffin buildup in active oil wells.

Wastewater Treatment Bioremediation Products

F-TREAT is a wastewater treatment bacteria product designed for use in municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater facilities, and sewage lift stations. The bacteria in F-TREAT have been specifically selected because of their ability to reduce FOG’s, wastewater odors, BOD and COD.

Lift Station Maintenance Kit.  – This is one of our bioremediation product that has been designed to treat the two most common lift station problems; odors and FOG buildup.

Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about Bioremediation Products.

Agricultural Bioremediation.

Beneficial Trichoderma and Beneficial bacteria can be used as bioremediation products for agriculture.

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