Bioremediation using F-TREAT in Municipal Sewer Lines

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Bioremediation using F-TREAT in Municipal Sewer Lines

Use of F-TREAT

The problem of grease and fat buildup (FOG’s) in municipal sewer lines creates a major monetary investment for its removal each year. Cleaning, therefore is carried out only in those sewer lines where blockage of flow is a major concern. Any new and economical method of alleviating the problem is of great value. F-TREAT, a bioremediation product, has demonstrated a potential to achieve the required results and can be used in the following situations.

  • As a Complete Bioremediation Solution – Problematic sewer lines undergo an inoculation treatment to remove fat deposits such as those exemplified by the Parliament and Piccadilly Street Branch sewers
  • As a pretreatment – Physical and mechanical fat removal methods can be made substantially easier by pretreatment of the sewer lines with F-TREAT. Trials have shown that F-TREAT can significantly alter the characteristics of FOG’s making it less sticky and more friable and aid in its removal by suction.
  • As a Maintenance/Preventative Treatment – Physically, mechanically, or biologically cleaned sewers are susceptible to recurrent problems as soon as the fats start to buildup again. Maintenance dosing of a cleaned sewer will prevent FOG buildup by bringing about a continued solubilization of the fat before it can cause buildup and cause major sewage blockage problems. A bimonthly bioremediation treatment program is recommended by Custom Biologicals. 


The bioremediation product F-TREAT has proven effective in softening, solubilizing and breaking down the fats, oils, grease and other organic materials that can restrict flow in sewer lines. F-TREAT is considerably easier to use than the conventional digging out method. It s evident that a considerable saving in time. money and manpower can be realized by using F-TREAT.

Any treatment must be effective within the confines of the existing infrastructure. Perhaps the single most important aspect of Custom Biologicals wastewater effluent treatment is that it is designed to work with the existing infrastructure. This means the customer does not have to have an initial outlay of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to upgrade the existing system.

After the initial biotreatability test shows that the effluent is biodegradable, Custom’s staff begins to evaluate the flow diagrams of the plant. From these diagrams we can determine where the most appropriate places are to bioaugment. We can also determine how much product will be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Since all effluents are unique, Custom Biologicals investigates all aspects of each customers individual needs before determining the best course of action to take. If you feel your that your company can benefit from our municipal wastewater treatment program, contact Custom Biologicals.

Custom Biologicals is a manufacturer of a wide variety of microbial products including products for the bioremediation of municipal and industrial waste water.

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