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Grease Trap Bacteria – Custom GT Tabs

Grease Trap Bacteria

Custom GT Tabs

Biological Grease Trap Maintenance Tablet

grease trap bacteria

Custom GT Tabs – Grease Trap Bacteria

Grease Trap Bacteria, Custom GT Tabs, by Custom Biologicals, are the easy solution to grease trap maintenance.

No measuring! No Pumps! No Mixing!

Simply drop Custom GT Tabs into the grease trap to help reduce nasty odors, reduce FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease), and reduce pumping costs.

Custom GT Tabs contain a highly concentrated blend of enzyme producing bacteria. The bacteria in GT Tabs are naturally occurring bacteria that digest the fats, oils, proteins, starches, and grease that would normally accumulate in the grease trap.

Custom GT Tabs slow release formula continuously releases bacteria for maximum effectiveness without the need for expensive dosing pumps or mixing.

Custom GT Tabs Features and Benefits for Grease Traps

  • All Natural, Grease Trap Bacteria Formulation
  • Reduces Grease in Traps and Drains
  • Helps Control Odor
  • Reduce BOD and COD levels
  • Continuous Release Formulation
  • Reduces Pumping and Snaking
  • Green Product

Custom GT Dosing and Application

Restaurant Grease Trap –  Dosing varies according to the size of the grease trap and size of the restaurant. For a typical 1000 gallon grease trap, 2 tablets per month and adjust as needed to control grease. Drop tablet directly into grease trap or suspended with plastic nets directly below the grease cap.

Custom GT Tabs are available in 4 packs with nets, in boxes of 20 tabs or in cases of 60 tabs.

Custom GT Tabs are available for private labeling. Contact Custom for more  information about private labeling. Dealer/Distributor inquires both domestic and international are encouraged. 

Custom GT is available as a liquid concentrate, Custom GT Tabs, and as a fizzytab. All three formulations contain the same great concentrated grease trap microbes.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in environmental applications. Pricing, complete product information, MSDS, are available upon request.

Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or at Bill@Custombio.biz.

Custom Biologicals
Deerfield Beach, Fl., USA
(561) 797-3008


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