Custom HC Tabs Bioremediation Bacteria

Custom HC Tabs Bioremediation Bacteria

Biological Hydrocarbon and Petroleum Digestant

Custom HC Tabs are the easiest solution to Oil/Water separator maintenance.

No Measuring! No Mixing! No Pumps!

Simply drop Custom HC Tabs into the separator to help reduce TPH, BTEX, hydrocarbons, oil, and more.

Custom HC Tabs Bioremediation Bacteria
Custom HC Tabs

Custom HC Tabs contain a highly concentrated blend of naturally occurring, petrophilic (oil loving), bacteria that actually digest hydrocarbons and petroleum products that would normally accumulate inside the oil water separator, laundry wastewater, or car wash recycle water. These bioremediation bacteria have been selected because of their safety and their enhanced ability to metabolize hydrocarbons and petroleum products.

Custom HC Tabs’ slow release formula continuously releases bacteria for maximum effectiveness without the need for expensive pumps.

Now, you can use the latest technology, bioremediation bacteria, to solve your oil water separator and car wash odor problems.

Features and Benefits of HC Tabs


  •  Natural Bacteria Formulation
  •  Reduce Hydrocarbons in Oil Water Separators
  •  Reduces TPH, BTEX Levels
  •  Helps Control Odors
  •  Continuous Release Formula
  •  Reduces Pumping, Snaking, and Surcharges

Applications of HC Tabs

  •  Oil Water Separators
  •  Car Wash Recycle Water
  •  Laundry Wastewater


  •  4 Packs w/Nets
  • 20 Tab Bulk Box
  • 60 Tab Bulk Case

Directions for Use of HC Tabs – Bioremediation Bacteria

Oil Water Separators: Dosage varies. For a typical oil water separator, start with two tablets per month and adjust as needed to control hydrocarbons. Drop tablet directly into oil water separator or suspended with plastic nets directly below oil. Bio-nutrient packages are required to be used with this product.

Here is a Case Study about the use of HC Tabs as bioremediation bacteria. 

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Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of microbial products including bioremediation bacteria products.


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