Custom PF – Biological Paraffin Inhibitor

Custom PF – Biological Paraffin Inhibitor

For Flow Restoration in Oil Wells and Downstream Piping

Custom PF – Biological Paraffin Inhibitor

Custom PF is a biological paraffin digestant for flow restoration in oil wells and downstream piping.

Custom Biologicals, Inc. introduces a biological product designed to reduce and control paraffin buildup in oil wells and to function as a paraffin inhibitor. This product, Custom PF, is composed of naturally occurring, aerobic microorganisms that have been adaptively selected to metabolize paraffin into environmentally safe by products. All of the microorganisms in Custom PF are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and are not genetically engineered or genetically altered. Custom PF is shipped as a liquid concentrate and does not require special handling or equipment for personnel safety.

The microorganisms in Custom PF use the paraffin molecules as a food source. Custom PF can control and paraffin in both the long and short carbon chains. The range of control in carbon chains is C16 to C60.

Initially, Custom PF will seek out the deposited paraffin sources that are interfering with the flow of fluids into and from the wellpore. Once that food source is diminished, Custom PF will begin to metabolize the high carbon chain paraffins whose melting points are usually above the formation temperatures.

In instances where this type of paraffin accrual is present, some increase in production can be expected, depending on the extent of the paraffin deposition and available production left in the formation. The Custom PF must be applied at the perforations in order to remove this type of deposition.

The downtime associated with paraffin problems and other paraffin inhibitors will be greatly reduced. One of the main reasons is that hot oiling treatments will be reduced to just once or twice a year. Expensive chemical applications will be eliminated.

Benefits of Using Custom PF – Biological Paraffin Inhibitor 

Custom PF treatments are designed to clean paraffin from mud anchors, gas anchors, perforated nipples, pump barrels, pump valves, sucker rod strings, and tubing walls. After a period of regular applications, Custom PF will reduce paraffin in downstream production facilities cleaning out oil flow lines and oil storage tanks and reducing overall operating costs.

The metabolic process of Custom PF has two main benefits. First, paraffin will not recrystallize at any point in the oil pumping system, flow lines or the oil storage tanks. Custom PF will modify the physical state of the paraffin which prevents the formation of wax crystals in crude oil production.

The second main benefit of using Custom PF is the viscosity of the paraffinic fluids is reduced which results in a proportional increase in API gravity.

There are other benefits to using Custom PF, a biological paraffin inhibitor, that may be observed; such as,

  • Lower water content
  • Decrease in pour point
  • Decrease in cloud point
  • Reduced corrosion and scale
  • Decrease in viscosity
  • Increase in transport fluid content
  • Reduction in BS&W

Petroleum is a complex fluid that varies in content. As with any paraffin inhibitor, it is not surprising that in some instances only one or two changes might be observed in a given oil well.

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