Custom PF – Biological Paraffin Inhibitor – Directions for Use

Custom PF

Biological Paraffin Inhibitor

Directions for Use

The amount of the initial application of Custom PF and the amount of regular treatments will be relative to the well conditions. The primary conditions that determine the treatment procedure are 1) the severity of the paraffin problem, and 2) the well maintenance frequency. A treatability study may be needed to determine the proper treatment schedule for Custom PF.

Importantly, the entire treatment procedure is based on preventative maintenance rather than emergency workovers. For best results, start with a well that has just been cleaned or has been worked over. Custom PF is a paraffin inhibitor, designed to control paraffin buildup; it is not a chemical emulsifier.

There are several ways to apply Custom PF to the well. Initially, Custom PF can be pumper under pressure into the well. To maintain the well, Custom PF can be pumped into the well annulus through the annulus valve. Custom PF can be applied to the well by an electric or gas operated pump. In most cases, little or no modification of the wellhead plumbing is required to accommodate the treatment equipment.

If you are using a biocide to control sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), then you will need to move the biocide injection point from the downhole to the wellhead. Also, in many cases you can reduce the amount of biocide injected by as much as 33% and still not have any additional corrosion problems.

Daily production is not affected, as opposed to hot oiling, because lengthy recirculation times are not required. Plus, produced from the storage tanks and not used as a transport media.

Initial Treatment

  1. Begin Treatment with Clean Pipe. 
  2. Suspend hot-oiling and chemical paraffin cleaners.
  3. Apply twenty gallons of Custom PF to the wellbore annulus and circulate the well.
  4. Shut down production for 12 to 24 hours.

Regular Treatments

  1. Set up the electric or gas operated pump to continuously dispense 1-2 gallons Custom PF each 24 hour period or batch treat the well monthly. 
  2. I1 most cases, one 55 gallon drum of Custom PF is required every 30 days.
  3. Reduce hot-oiling to once or twice a year.
  4. Do not apply chemical paraffin products.

Custom PF, manufacture and distributed by Custom Biologicals, is designed as a biological paraffin inhibitor.

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