Distribution of Green Products FAQ’s

Distribution of Green Products with Custom Biologicals – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I though Custom manufactured microbial products. How are microbial products green products?

A. Yes, Custom Biologicals manufactures microbial products for use in environmental situations. Many microbial products can be considered green products since they metabolize many organic chemicals into carbon dioxide and water. So many microbial products are indeed green products.

Q. Is Custom Biologicals looking for new distributors?

A. Yes, we’ll always looking for qualified distributors for our green products. Both international and domestic distributor inquiries are welcome.

Q. Why should I choose Custom Biologicals over other companies?

A. This is an easy one. Custom Biologicals offers distributors:

  • A wider variety of green products,
  • Access to company personnel,
  • Concentrated Products to reduce shipping charges and allow for customized blending,
  • Private Labeling,
  • More opportunity for PROFITS
  • Concentrated and ready to use products
  • Protected territories (international only)
If you are currently buying your microbial products from someone else, you owe it to yourself to try t he Custom difference. Call us at (561) 797-3008.
Q. How can a distributor make more money with concentrated products?
A. Custom Biologicals markets most of its products in a concentrated form. These concentrates are generally only available to distributors. So distributors save money on concentrated products in two ways. First, there is a significant saving in freight charges. General saving are 80-90%.
Secondly, distributors save by needing  to keep less inventory on hand. Concentrates are shipped via air freight. Us locations receive product in one day and international locations 3-5 days. Instead of needing 2 weeks inventory in the US and 2 month inventory for internationals, distributors need only keep 3-5 day inventories. Let Custom keep the inventory, you just market the green products.
 Q. How can I find out more about distributing green products by Custom Biologicals.
A. Here’s a link to more distributor information. Click Here. Or contact Custom Biologicals at Bill@CustomBio.biz or at (561) 797-3008 about green products distribution.


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