F-TREAT for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

F-TREAT for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

F-Treat, designed by Custom Biologicals, is a biological product that reduces BOD, COD, FOG, odors, and other chemicals of concern in industrial wastewater treatment facilities. F-TREAT contains specifically selected bacteria. These bacteria have been selected for  their enhanced ability to degrade compounds common to industrial effluents.

F-TREAT, for industrial wastewater effluents, is available as a ready-to-use products and as liquid concentrate.

F-TREAT is a live synergistic blend of natural, Class 1 bacteria, specifically chosen for their ability to rapidly degrade solids, fats, lipids, protein, detergents, hydrocarbons, and other compounds. These compounds either overload a industrial wastewater treatment plant or are toxic to the wastewater treatment system. F-TREAT is added at between five and fifty parts-per-million and is completely safe to humans, animals, and plants. The addition of bacteria is called bioaugmentation and is a form of bioremediation. F-TREAT is appropriate for all types of industrial treatment plants and has been shown to greatly reduce BOD and suspended solids.

At industrial wastewater treatment facilities, the main uses of F-TREAT are:

  • Startup of New Systems
  • Recovery of Upset Systems
  • Reducing Sludge
  • Reducing Odor
  • Reducing FOG, COD, BOD, and BTEX
  • Improving FOG pretreatment and digestion
  • Improving reducing of specific chemicals, like hydrocarbons

Operators, managers, and environmental professionals of industrial wastewater treatment systems are under increasing pressure to meet their effluent quality requirements. This increasing pressure is due to several factors including environmental restrictions that are tightening the allowable final permit levels and increased corporate pressure to maintain total environmental compliance.

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Many industrial wastewater treatment facilities are only marginally capable of meeting the demands under normal load or ideal conditions. In fact, many industrial wastewater systems were manufactured years, if not decades, ago. Upset conditions , such as high loading or low temperature are commonplace and many wastewater systems simply cannot provide the desired effluents without considerable attention and in some cases bioaugmentation with bacterial additives such as F-TREAT.

F-TREAT has applications at a variety of industrial wastewater treatment facilities, including:

  • Paper and Pulp
  • Food Processing
  • Palm Oil Wastewater (POME)
  • Refining and Petrochemical
  • Textile
  • Car Wash Recycle Water

The use of bioagumentation at industrial wastewater facilities can greatly improve overall plant performance.

Since each industrial effluent and each treatment facility is unique, there is no standard answer to every wastewater problem.  Custom Biologicals has over 20 years experience working with industrial wastewater effluents and industrial wastewater treatment. Contact Custom today to talk about your wastewater issue.

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