Fizzytabs Innovative Microbial Products

Fizzytabs – Innovative Microbial Products

Fizzytabs Innovative Microbial Products

Fizzytabs, by Custom Biologicals, are innovative, microbial products. Custom manufactures a wide variety of fizzytabs for use in the home, in restaurants and food service industry, in wastewater treatment, and in agriculture.

Patent Pending fizzytabs are effervescent tablets that dissolve quickly in water. Upon dissolving, fizzytabs release billions of specifically selected bacteria or fungi. These microorganisms have been selected because of their enhanced ability to degrade oil, improve plant roots, or improve septic tank performance depending on which microbial product they are in.

Microbial Products that are Fizzytabs:

Fizzytabs have a number of advantages over competitive microbial products. First, shipping costs are greatly reduced. Products that are one gallon or one quart are reduced to a small tablet – WHY SHIP WATER.

Secondly, ease of use. For the consumer all they need to do is remove a fizzytab from the wrapper, drop into water and let dissolve. THATS IT. There is no measuring, no spillage. It’s hard to imagine a simpler product to use.

Finally, uniqueness. Fizzytabs are the only product on the market that are dissolvable tablets. Talk about competitive advantage. How many times do you get to sell a product  – THAT’S UNIQUE. Fizzytabs are the ONLY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET.

Custom Biologicals is currently looking for distributors and independent representative to market FIZZYTABS. Both domestic and international inquires are welcome. Private labeling is available. Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about fizzytabs and microbial products.

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