Industrial Effluent Treatment – Food Manufacturing Facility

This case study is about the industrial effluent treatment of a food manufacturing facility by the use of F-TREAT, a biological wastewater treatment product.

F-TREAT, by Custom Biologicals, is a biological effluent treatment designed to reduce odor, reduce FOG, reduce BOD and COD, and reduce BTEX, in industrial wastewater treatment plants. F-TREAT has applications in food manufacturing wastewater, pulp and paper wastewater, petrochemical wastewater, and refinery wastewater.

Industrial Effluent Treatment – Food Manufacturing Facility

Client Category: Industrial Effluent Treatment – Wastewater – Food Manufacturing and Serving Facilities

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Physical Plant: Seven Locations. Four have 1500 gallon holding tanks and three have 500 gallon tanks. Effluent waste stream is from the tanks only.

Flow: 8,000-10,000 gallons per day.

Problem: High BOD in excess of 2,000 mg/L. High TSS in excess of 1200 mg/L. FOG exceeding the 100 mg/L limit. The temperature in the tanks was elevated above average at 150° F.

Previous Treatment: Pumping the tanks every 30 days and dumping it in a landfill.

Previous Results: BOD decreased to 1400 mg/L average. Backups into the preparation areas were common and sewer odors were emitted each time the waste was pumped.

Custom Treatment: 6 gallons of F-TREAT were added to each 1500 gallon tank each day and 4 gallons of F-TREAT were added to each 500 gallon tank each day.

Custom Results: In addition to the results below, odors were significantly reduced.

Before and after results using F-TREAT for industrial effluent treatment.

This case study has been about the biological treatment of food manufacturing wastewater using F-TREAT, a bioaugmentation product. All wastewater problems and wastewater facilities are unique, Contact Custom Biologicals to talk about your wastewater problems and concerns.

F-TREAT is a biological industrial effluent treatment product manufactured by Custom Biologicals, Inc. Custom manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in environmental applications. Distributor inquires both domestic and international are invited.

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