Leach Field Problems – A Case Study

This case study is about septic leach field problems. For those of you on a septic system, you’re aware that the septic leach field is the area where the wastewater from the septic tank ultimately drains through the drain lines. Unclogging the leach field is a difficult, expensive and time consuming proposition.

This case study will revolve around recovering a leach field using Custom ST and Custom GT, products of Custom Biologicals.

Leach Field Problems – A Case Study

Client Category: Septic Leach Field Problems – Supermarket – Grocery Store

Location:  New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Physical Plant: Supermarket with two failed septic leaching fields.

Problem:A new, replacement store was in the process of being built. The existing store needed to operate for an additional six to nine months.

Previous Treatment: The septic tank was pumped frequently since the leaching field did not take water. Weekly septic tank pumping costs were $2900.00.

Custom Treatment: A septic leaching field recovery program was implemented. This program consisted of a daily dosage of Custom ST and bionutrients applied directly into the leaching field. A pretreatment program consisted of a computer controlled electric pump dispensing Custom GT directly into each triple-sink’s drainline within the store.

The leaching field recovery program was ended after five months when the leaching field was working within accepted parameters. The pretreatment program was continued, then installed in the new store after one year.

Custom Results: Septic Tank Pumping costs of $88,000.00 were eliminated by recovering the leach field. The cost of the successful leaching field recovery program was $15,000.00

Note that this case was performed by a licensed plumber in conjunction with support from Custom Biologicals. Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in environmental applications. Septic Fizzytabs are a product designed for home septic tank usage.

Contract Custom Biologicals for more information about this case study.



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