Solving Paraffin Problems with Custom PF

Solving Paraffin Problems with Custom PF

Custom PF is a biological paraffin inhibitor by Custom Biologicals

Paraffin Problems in Oil Wells and Flow Lines

In crude oil producing operations, paraffin problems can occur naturally in certain types of crude reservoirs and can be a significant problem during oil production. As the crude oil is produced up the well pore, pressure and temperature changes cause crystallization of the paraffin components of the oil stream. This results in deposition of the waxy substance on the production tubular surfaces and/or the downstream flow lines at the surface. As the paraffin hardens and builds up on the piping, production flow is constricted. This can bind up pumping rods and/or lead to complete production loss. Until recently, expensive hot oiling treatment, chemical treatments or well workovers were the only solution to these paraffin problems.

Custom PF provides a low cost alternative to solving paraffin problems in oil wells and downstream flow lines. Custom PF is a biological product composed of safe, naturally occurring bacteria that have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to degrade paraffin through biodegradation. Custom PF controls paraffins in both the long and short chains from C16 to C60.

How Custom PF Works

Through their enzymatic processes, the microorganisms in Custom PF use the paraffin molecules as a food source. BIodegradation occurs as the bacteria converts the paraffin into carbon dioxide and water. Under the proper conditions, microbial colonies will grow and begin coating tubular surfaces. This allows biodegradation to occur on a continuous basis and hinders further deposition of the crystalizing paraffin.

Custom PF modifies the physical state of the paraffin which further reduces the formation of the wax crystals in crude production. Paraffin will not recrystallize at any point in the pumping system, flow lines or storage tanks. Further, the viscosity of the paraffinic fluids in reduced resulting in a proportional increase in API gravity.

The Benefits of Using Custom PF

Custom PF treatments are designed to clean paraffin from mud anchors, gas anchors, perforated nipples, pump barrels, pump valves, sucker rod strings and tubing walls. After a period of regular applications, Custom PF will reduce paraffin in the downsteam production facilities, cleaning out flow lines and storage tanks and reducing overall operating costs.

Increase in production can also be expected, depending on the extent of the paraffin deposition and the available production left in the formation. Custom PF can be applied at the perforations in order to reduce deposition at the formation for paraffins with higher melting points.

The downtime associated with paraffin problems will be greatly reduced after implementing Custom PF treatments. Hot oiling treatments can be reduced to just once or twice a year. In many cases, the coating action of the microbes can reduce the need for expensive chemical corrosion inhibitors by as much as 30%.

Other Benefits of Custom PF that may be realized are:

  • Lowered Water Content
  • Decrease in Pour Point
  • Decrease in Cloud Point
  • Reduced Corrosion and Scale.
  • Decrease in Viscosity
  • Increase in Transport Fluid Content
  • Reduction of Basic Sediment and Water

Petroleum is a complex fluid that varies widely in its hydrocarbon makeup. This, as well as a variety of operating conditions, can, and do, influence the paraffin reduction results for a particular well.

Custom PF Treatment Procedure

The amount of Custom PF used in the initial treatment and the subsequent maintenance treatment will be dependent on the individual well conditions. The severity of the paraffin problems, and well maintenance history, and the equipment configuration, will dictate the recommended treatment. In some cases, a pretreatment biodegradation study may be appropriate to determine the proper treatment design and schedule.

It is important to note that the entire treatment procedure is based on preventative maintenance rather that emergency workovers. For best results with your paraffin problems, it is recommended to start with a well that has just been cleaned or worked over. Custom PF is designed to control paraffin build-up; it is not a chemical paraffin emulsifier.

There are several ways to apply Custom PF to the oil well. Initially, the product can be pumped under pressure into the well and circulated. To maintain the well, Custom PF can be pumped into the well annulus through the annulus valve. Custom PF can also be applied into the well by an electric or gas operated pump. In most cases, little or no modification of wellhead plumbing is required to accommodate the treatment equipment.

Daily production is minimally affected, as opposed to hot oiling, because lengthy recirculation times are not required. Plus produced fluid from the storage tanks are not used as a transport media.

Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about controlling paraffin problems with Custom PF.


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