Bioremediation using F-TREAT in Municipal Sewer Lines

Bioremediation using F-TREAT in Municipal Sewer Lines Use of F-TREAT The problem of grease and fat buildup (FOG’s) in municipal sewer lines creates a major

The Bioremediation Waste Water Case Study in London

The Bioremediation of Waste Water – A Case Study in London This wastewater case study is a little more involved than most of the information

Fizzytabs Innovative Microbial Products

Fizzytabs – Innovative Microbial Products Fizzytabs, by Custom Biologicals, are innovative, microbial products. Custom manufactures a wide variety of fizzytabs for use in the home,

What are Microbial Products?

 What are Microbial Products? There are a number of products on the market that claim to be microbial products. So what are microbial products and

Biological Products Competitive Distributor Offer

Biological Products FREE OFFER Here’s an offer specifically for distributors of competitive biological products, microbial products, and green products. We’re so confident that our products