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Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater – A Case Study of Blood Plasma WasteWater

This case study is about the biological treatment of industrial wastewater, specifically blood plasma wastewater. Industrial wastewater treatment can be performed biologically using a bioaugmentation product such as F-TREAT by Custom Biologicals. F-TREAT is a biological wastewater treatment product designed to reduce odors, reduce BOD, reduce COD, reduce FOG, and reduce the petrochemicals typically found in industrial wastewater. F-TREAT contains specifically selected bacteria proven effective in improving wastewater treatment plant performance. The bacteria in F-TREAT will break down and metabolize organic compounds such as: fats, oils, greases, proteins, starches, hydrocarbons, and phenols.   Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater – A Case Study of Blood Plasma Wastewater   Client Category: Manufacturer of blood plasma products. Industrial wastewater. Location: Los Angeles, California, USA Physical Plant: Six-stage 430 gallon clarifier. Retention time 30 minutes. Flow: 110,000 GPD (gallons per day) Wastewater Problem: City surcharges for excess BOD and TSS average $50,000.00 per quarter. Previous Treatment: Chlorine injection after clarifier. The BOD of influent and effluent were virtually the same. Custom Treatment: F-TREAT was continuously injected into the system at the rate of two 55 gallon drums per month. Bionutrients were also added. Custom Results: An ten day product trial produced to following results. Note the almost immediate reduction in BOD by the use of the biological treatment of industrial wastewater....