Biological Wastewater Treatment

What is Biological Wastewater Treatment Biological Wastewater Treatment is the use of microorganisms, generally bacteria, to naturally degrade organic wastes found in wastewater.  The use of

Oil Water Separator Kit

Oil Water Separator Kit by Custom Biologicals Are you still pumping your oil water separator? Are you paying too much in pumping costs, environmental surcharges,

Grease Trap Bacteria – Custom GT Tabs

Grease Trap Bacteria Custom GT Tabs Biological Grease Trap Maintenance Tablet Grease Trap Bacteria, Custom GT Tabs, by Custom Biologicals, are the easy solution to

Car Wash Odor Control Product

Finally!   Custom Biologicals offers a simple, do it yourself, car wash odor control product.  Reduce or eliminate odors quickly, and cheaply, without the capital expense