Industrial Wastewater Treatment of Petrochemicals

This case study is about industrial wastewater treatment of a petrochemical plant’s wastewater. The biological treatment of industrial wastewater is best achieved using bioaugmentation, the addition of specifically selected bacteria, to the wastewater.

Generally, the native bacteria are ill equipped to metabolize the wastewater in industrial effluents. Custom Biologicals manufactures F-TREAT, a bioaugmentation product designed for use in both industrial and municipal wastewater. F-TREAT will enhance the biological degradation of the organic chemicals found in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Each industrial wastewater effluent is unique and a “cookie cutter” approach is unlikely to produce the best results. Contact Custom Biologicals to discuss if biological treatment of industrial wastewater can help you.


 Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Petrochemical Plant

Client Category: Petrochemical Plant – Industrial wastewater treatment

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Physical Plant: Industrial Wastewater treatment plant

Flow: 200,000 GPD (gallons per day)

Problem: Ammonia influent levels average of 10 mg/L with spikes up to 42 mg/L. The MCL (maximum contamination limit) for this location is 20 mg/L.

Previous Treatment: The client was using a competitors biological product and decided to switch products due to significant cost savings. Previous treatment was successful with average ammonia effluent levels of 2 mg/L.

Custom Treatment: F-TREAT was injected once per day at a rate of 1-3 gallons per day depending on water flow and ammonia influent.

Custom Results: The monthly average ammonia effluent went from 2.0 mg/L using the competitors product to < 1.0 using F-TREAT. 

This type of result is typical for competitive situations involving F-TREAT and competitive products. The  cost savings in this case study was about 50%.

This case study has been about industrial wastewater treatment by Custom Biologicals. Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of environmental products including F-TREAT. Contact Custom to discuss any specific wastewater problems that you may have at your industrial wastewater facility.


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