Using Fizzytabs to Reduce Lift Station Odors

Using Fizzytabs to Reduce Lift Station Odors

Lift station odors are one of the most common complaints and one of the most common lift station problems. The lift station tends to accumulate fats, oils and grease in  the lift station and on the sides of the lift station. Now, Custom Biologicals has come up with a cost

Reduce Lift station odors
Fizzytabs by Custom Biologicals

effective, environmentally safe, solution to the lift station odors problem – Shock Treatment Fizzytabs. Shock treatment fizzytabs are effective in treating lift station odors, particularly when the odors are cause by grease on the sides of the sewage lift station.

Shock treatment fizzytabs are a unique, effervescent tablet that contain billions of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to metabolize the fats, oils, and grease (FOG)  that accumulate in sewage lift stations.

Most lift station odors are caused by the decay of organic materials, specifically FOGs. This decay is the result of incomplete digestion of the organic material by the indigenous bacteria, both aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. In particular, these indigenous bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

The bacteria in Shock Treatment Bacteria do not produce hydrogen sulfide. In fact, they digest the fats, oils, grease, and other organic material that cause lift station odors into carbon dioxide and water. They accomplish this by producing a wide variety of enzymes. Bacteria are sometimes thought of as enzyme producing factories.

How to Apply Shock Treatment Fizzytabs

Shock Treatment Fizzytabs are simple to apply. They are the most effective, biological lift station odor control product on the market today.

Here’s how to treat the lift station:

  • Place all twenty of the fizzytabs in a five gallon pail of fresh water. 
  • Wait 5 minutes for the fizzytabs to dissolve – You just made five gallons of a biological product!
  • Pour the liquid around the inside edges of the lift station.
  • You’re done! You’ve treated the lift station for odors arising from the crud on the inside of the lift station.

Incidentally, a tube of twenty fizzytabs weights about 1 pound and cost $59.00. If you’re paying more you should contact Custom at (561) 797-3008.

If you need to maintain the lift station – try the lift station maintenance kit. 

Want to try shock treatment bacteria to treat lift station odors. Order below.

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Custom Biologicals is a manufacturer of biological products for use in environmental applications. Contact Custom for more information about how to biologically treat lift station odors.

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