What are Microbial Products?

 What are Microbial Products?

There are a number of products on the market that claim to be microbial products. So what are microbial products and how to they work?

In the simplest terms, microbial products are composed of beneficial bacteria that are used to naturally, break down a waste

What are microbial products
Microbial products

product, environmental contaminant, or other complex organic compound. Typically, microbial products are used to clean fats, oils, and grease (FOG), to clean oil spills (as in bioremediation) or in agriculture to help provide nutrients to plants. Microbial products are effective in soil, water, and groundwater applications.


List of Microbial Products by Custom Biologicals


Beneficial bacteria, like all bacteria, work by producing substrate specific enzymes. Bacteria have the ability in their genetic material, to produce a wide variety of enzymes such as lipases (break down fats) and proteases (breaks down proteins). Bacteria are so efficient at producing enzymes that they are sometimes thought of as enzyme factories. These enzymes quickly solubilize various organic waste products making the waste available to the bacteria as a food source. The end product if this digestion is primarily more bacteria, carbon dioxide and water.

Microbial products have a wide variety of uses including:

Microbial products come in both liquid and dry types. However, most of Custom Biologicals products are liquid concentrates designed to be shipped worldwide and reformulated locally. Finished products and ready to use microbial products are also available.

Many  microbial products contain spore forming bacteria. Spore forming bacteria are easy to package and shelf life is measured in years. Bacterial spores can be thought of as a heat and chemical resistant “seed”.

Many companies claim to be experts in microbial products; however, they rarely have the technical staff or experience to back up these claims. Custom Biologicals has been manufacturing and formulating microbial products for over 20 years.

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