Alternatives to fracking urgently needed in Oklahoma

Alternatives to fracking urgently needed in Oklahoma

I ran into an interesting article – “Alternatives to fracking urgently needed in Oklahoma”.

Here’s my brief summary.

  • Fracking and earthquakes: The web page discusses the negative impacts of fracking, a process of extracting oil and natural gas, on the stability of Oklahoma’s crust and the increase in earthquakes in the state.
  • Fracking alternatives: The web page suggests some possible alternatives to fracking, such as renewable energy, renewable natural gas, and plasma pulse technology, that could reduce the environmental damage and the risk of major earthquakes.
  • Call for action: The web page urges the citizens and the authorities to support sustainable alternatives to natural gas and its production, and to prioritize the health of the planet over the profits of the oil and gas companies.
  • References: The web page contains many references to sources of information, such as news articles, scientific reports, and statistics, to support its arguments and claims.
  • In addition to an increase in earthquakes, fracking produces a large volume of wastewater. Treating this wastewater needs to be a environmental priority.

The entire article can be found here. 

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