Bioremediation of Oil in a Retention Pond

This case study is about bioremediation of oil in a retention or holding pond.

I’ve run into a number of these types of projects through the years. Typically in the dry months, the pond has little to no water. Once a hard rain comes, the water in the pond has a oil sheen. Additionally, the water may or may not have a petroleum smell.

This type of situation is perfect for bioremediation using bioremediation bacteria such as Custom HC. Custom HC is a microbial product manufactured by Custom Biologicals and containing petrophilic bacteria.

Bioremediation of Oil in a Retention Pond

Client Category: Bioremediation – Major Oil Company

Location: Texas, USA

Physical Description: A 30,000 gallon pond with oil contamination of 971 ppm (mg/L).

Custom Treatment: A daily dosage of Custom HC, a microbial productwas applied directly to the surface of the pond. A total of one 55 gallon drum was used. Nutrients were added and two 3HP (three horsepower), two inch diameter pumps were installed to continuously circulate the pond contents for the purpose of aeration.

Custom Results:

The following results occurred within 30 days:

Bioremediation of Oil in a pond

The bioremediation of oil in holding and retention ponds can best be accomplished using Custom HC, a bioremediation product by Custom Biologicals. Custom HC is available as a liquid concentrate, as a ready to use product, and as a slow release tablet, Custom HC-Tabs. Custom HC Tabs have had great success in eleiminating car wash recycle water odor and in oil water separators. 

Custom Biologicals manufactures a variety of microbial products for use in environmental applications. Domestic and international distributor inquiries are welcome. Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about microbial products and the bioremediation of oil.

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