Bioremediation of Produced Water FAQ’s

Bioremediation of Produced Water – Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the general characteristics of produced water?

Produced waters that are formed from gas production tend to have high concentrations of aromatic hydrocarbons, specifically the BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and xylene) compounds. Produced water also contains the chemicals used for gas processing such as; sulfide removal chemicals, dehydration chemicals, hydrogen sulfide reducing chemicals, and chemicals that inhibit hydrates. Produced water contains free product hydrocarbons, and a number of dissolved and dispersed compounds. Generally, produced water is placed into a holding pond.

What is bioremediation of produced water?

Bioremediation of produced water is the use of bacteria to metabolize the hydrocarbons and other petroleum compounds associated with produced water.

What are the major problems associated with produced water?

Generally, produced water is first treated to remove as much free product hydrocarbons as possible. While the goal is to reduce TRPH to below 100ppm, most treated produced water contains 300-400 ppm TRPH. Additionally, produced water contains saturation concentrations for any hydrocarbons present. These hydrocarbons can’t be removed by physical methods. Treating these remaining hydrocarbons is the major problem with produced water.

Also, as the produced water begins to evaporate, a number of problems develop. The hydrocarbons in the produced water begin to chemically interact with the water in the retention pond. Some of the hydrocarbons become heavier that water and sink to the bottom forming a sludge. Since anaerobic conditions are present at the bottom of the pond, anaerobic bacteria begin to digest the sludge. This anaerobic digestion produce hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

How does the bioremediation of produced water work?

We use Custom HC, our proprietary bioremediation bacteria, to bioremediate produced water. Custom HC contains specifically selected bioremediation bacteria. These bacteria have been selected because of their safety and their enhanced ability to metabolize a wide variety of hydrocarbons, petroleum products, BTEX compounds, TRPH compounds, and more.

Custom HC is available as a liquid concentrate and as a slow dissolving solid. application instructions vary so contact Custom Biologicals for more information.

Custom Biologicals is a primary manufacturer of a wide variety of microbial products. Dealer inquiries, both domestic and international are welcome. Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or via email at

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