Car Wash Odor Control Product

Finally!   Custom Biologicals offers a simple, do it yourself, car wash odor control product.  Reduce or eliminate odors quickly, and cheaply, without the capital expense of additional equipment.

Who wants to wash their car with water that smells like rotten eggs or gasoline? If your car wash has these problems then you need Car Wash Odor Control fizzytabs by Custom Biologicals.

Buy Your Starter Car Wash Odor Control Kit Now!  [add_to_cart item=”6662″ quantity=”user:1″ text=”$120.00″ ] 
A touchless car wash, which uses high pressure...

CustomBio Odor Control for Car Wash is for owners and operators of car washes. If you are responsible for maintaining a car or interested in improving the profitability or environmental compliance of a commercial car wash, you need to try this product.

Car Wash Odor Control fizzytabs will:

  • Reduces or Eliminates Odor
  • Stop Smelly Wash Bays
  • Reduces Customer Complaints
  •  Increase Customer Satisfaction


  • Self Car Wash Odor Control
  • Drive-Thru Car Wash
  • Automatic Car Wash Odor Control
  • Car Wash Reclaim Systems
 Bikini car wash.
No Car wash odor means happy customers.
  • Manual Car Wash Odor Control
  • Biological Car Wash System
  • Auto Wash Odor Control
  • Mobile Car Wash
  • Portable Car Wash Odor Control
  • Detail Shop Odor Control
  • Pressure Sprayer Odor Control
  • Car Wash Recycling System
Car Wash Odor Control Kit comes as a Starter Kit and a Monthly Maintenance Kit.
The Starter Kit costs $99 and includes;
                    1    Tablet Holder
                    1    Shock Treatment Tube
                    4    Slow Release Tablets
                    4    Nutrient Packs
                    1    Instruction Set
                          US SHIPPING INCLUDED!  
 International Orders Contact us for Shipping Costs. 
The Monthly Kit Includes:
                     4    Slow Release Tablets
                    4    Nutrient Packs
                    1    Instruction Set    
                          US SHIPPING INCLUDED! 

NO expensive pumps!

NO expensive equipment!

NO daily application!

Car Wash Odor Control Product contains safe, environmentally friendly, natural aerobic bacteria which act as biodigesters to degrade or digest the organic material in the system, without the formation of smelly rotten egg odor (hydrogen sulfide gas) which is produced by anaerobic bacteria.

CustomBio has 20 years of experience in Odor Control!   Contact us for your odor control problems.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of biological products for use in environmental applications. Dealer/Distributor inquires are always welcome. Car Wash odor control product, along with most of our products, can be private labeled.

Custom Biologicals
Deerfield Beach, Fl., USA
(561) 797-3008
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