Custom GT Grease Trap Bacteria Case Study Houston

Grease Trap Bacteria – A Case Study

This is a case study in Houston, Tx using grease trap bacteria manufactured by Custom Biologicals, Custom GT. Custom GT is a grease trap bacteria product designed to reduce FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) in restaurant and food service grease traps.

Most municipalities require that restaurants install grease traps to prevent FOG’s from entering the wastewater treatment system (POTW). The typical answer to accumulating grease in a grease trap is to pump the trap. Pumping unfortunately just moves the problem from one place to another. The more environmentally friendly method of treating the grease in a restaurant grease trap is to us a grease trap bacterial product such as Custom GT.

Here’s a summary of the situation.

Client Category: Restaurant

Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Grease Trap Capacity + Flow: 1,000 gallon grease trap 325,000 gallons per month

Grease Trap Problems:

  • Elevated B.O.D. (BioChemical Oxygen Demand)
  • 2400 mg/L. Elevated T.S.S. (Total Suspended Solids) 2600 mg/L
  • Monthly Surcharge $1100.00 – Monthly Pumping Costs $500.00 – Total Costs $1,600.00 per month

Previous Treatment: Pump and Disposal: This grease trap was pumped every two weeks.

Custom Treatment: Custom GT was injected at the rate of 10 gallons per month with an electric pump. The greasetrap

was pumped once per quarter.

Grease Trap Bacteria Case Study Graph

Results discussion: 

City surcharges were reduced to $0.00 and the monthly pumping charges were reduced from $500.00 per month to $80.00 per month. Note that the grease trap was still pumped out quarterly.

Overall, Custom GT had an excellent performance as a grease trap bacteria product. The customer was satisfied and his operation expenses were decreased.

Custom GT is available as a ready to use dissolvable tablet, as a fizzytab, and as a liquid concentrate. The liquid concentrate is ideal for distributors and dealers.

Custom GT is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Custom manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in the environmental industry. Contact Custom for more information about Custom GT.

Custom Biologicals
Deerfield Beach, Fl. USA
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