Custom GT Grease Trap Treatment – a Case Study

Custom GT Grease Trap Treatment – a Case Study

This is a case study about the use of Custom GT Tabs in a restaurant grease trap. Custom GT Tabs are a biological grease trap treatment designed to reduce pump outs, reduce odors, and reduce maintenance of restaurant and food service grease traps.

Custom Gt Tabs contain billions of beneficial grease trap bacteria. These bacteria have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to metabolize the fats, oils and grease (ReduceFOG) that accumulate in restaurant grease traps. Custom GT Tabs are a grease trap treatment manufacture by Custom Biologicals.

Grease Trap Treatment Case Study

Client Category: Restaurant Grease Trap – A potential client wanted to determine the effectiveness of Custom GT-Tabs versus the product that they were currently using.

Location: A restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA

Physical Plant: A single 1000 gallon greasetrap

Problem: High BOD Grease accumulation, Bad odors

Previous Treatment: Prior to treatment, a competitors product was used. BOD, Grease and odors were reduced but not reduced under the surcharge limit.

Custom Treatment: Custom GT-Tabs, a grease trap treatment product, were applied directly into the greasetrap at a rate of 1 GT Tab every 2 weeks.

Custom Results:

The trap was not pumped during the testing period.
BOD was significantly reduced to within acceptable parameters. The BOD reduction was about 85%. Grease and grease trap odors were also reduced.

Results using Custom GT, a Grease Trap Treatment

Custom GT Tabs are a grease trap treatment product of Custom Biologicals. Custom GT Tabs are a slow release product releasing billions of beneficial bacteria into the grease trap.

Domestic and international distributor/dealer inquiries are welcome.  Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products for use in the environmental industry. Contact Custom at (561) 797-3008 or

Custom Biologicals
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