Custom HC – Bioremediation Bacteria Product

Custom HC – Bioremediation Bacteria

Custom Biologicals, Inc. produces Custom HC, a bioremediation bacteria product formulated to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, dry cleaning fluids, chlorinated solvents, and other hazardous environmental contaminants in soil, water, and groundwater applications.

Custom HC contains live, petrophilic (oil loving) bacteria. These bioremediation bacteria have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to metabolize (eat) petroleum products such as; fuel oils, phenols, diesel, BTEX components, heating oil, antifreeze constituents, and more.

Bioremediation is the process of using bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms to degrade selected pollutants and return the soil or groundwater altered by the contaminants to their original condition.  Bioaugmentation is bioremediation with the application of laboratory grown organisms like Custom HC to increase pollutant degradation, reduce cleanup time, and reduce costs of nutrients, machines, and manpower.

Bioaugmentation is bioremediation with the application of laboratory grown organisms to augment the populations of bacteria that can degrade oil.  Degrade oil with Custom HC.  Custom HC has petrophilic bacteria, scientifically chosen for their ability to effectively degrade hydrocarbons, packaged in extremely high concentrations.

Bioaugmentation with Custom HC will:

  •         increase total petrophilic bacteria counts
  •         increase effective petrophilic populations
  •         decrease cleanup time   (and time is money)
  •         decrease nutrient costs (compared to bioremediation without Custom HC)
  •         decrease manpower and equipment costs, because clean up is faster with Custom HC!

There are many variables, or controlling factors, in Bioremediation, including Bioaugmentation with Custom HC.    The main factors to consider are: Bacteria Populations, Growth Media, Nutrients, and pH. Custom Biologicals has over 20 years experience with Bioremediation and Bioaugmentation projects both domestically and internationally.

CustomBio has the production capability to offer both bioremediation bacteria based, and fungus based products in a variety of packaging options including:

  •  Technical Concentrates
  • Concentrates
  •  Slow Release Tablets
  •  Ready-to-Use (RTU)
  •  Small Spill Kits.
 Additionally, Custom Biologicals has the capability to “customize” Custom HC to meet the needs of your site. Contact Custom Biologicals today to discuss how to use bioremediation bacteria to clean your site.

Custom Biologicals manufactures a wide variety of biological products, including bioremediation bacteria,  for use in environmental applications.

Custom Biologicals
Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
(561) 797-3008
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