Custom OE – Odor Control Case Study

This case study is about odor control at a food processing wastewater treatment facility using Custom OE by Custom Biologicals. This odor control case study is very typical of sites we run into; odor issues are reported by the local resident.

Industrial wastewater treatment generally has an element of odor control. After all, it’s nice to have BOD, COD, and FOG under control but if local residents start to complain odors, regulators and politicians tend to notice.

Custom OE is a biological odor control product manufactured by Custom Biologicals. In this case study, Custom OE concentrate was used.

Custom OE – Odor Control Case Study

Client Category: Industrial Wastewater Treatment. Food processing and packaging plant specializing in tomatoes, peaches and other fruit.

Location: California, USA

Physical Plant: 6 aerated lagoons and 2 anaerobic holding ponds.

Flow: 300,000 GPD average.

Problem: Malodors – Local city officials received numerous complaints of bad odors originating in the lagoons. Air Quality officials threatened possible plant shutdown and/or high fines.

Previous Treatment: None

Custom Treatment: An initial “shock” treatment of Custom OE Odor Eliminator was applied at the rate of one 55 gallon drum per lagoon and pond. (Total = 8 drums). A daily dosage of Custom OE was applied directly to the wastewater stream at the rate of one 55 gallon drum per week.

Custom Results:After two weeks of treatment, the malodors bad been significantly reduced and no complaints were received after this period. Subsequently, the city officials involved have requested more information on Custom OE Odor Eliminator as a possible solution for other air quality offenders.

Custom OE may be a solution to your industrial wastewater treatment odors. Contact Custom Biologicals to discuss odor control at your facility.

Custom Biologicals is a manufacturer of a wide variety of biological products for use environmental applications. Distributor and dealer inquires, both domestic and international, are encouraged.

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