Heating Oil Spill Cleanup Using the Small Spill Kit

Heating Oil Spill Cleanup Using the Small Spill Kit

This post is a case study about the cleanup of a heating oil spill using the small spill kit by Custom Biologicals. The small spill kit is designed to clean up a number of small petroleum spills such as; heating oil spills, diesel oil spills, gasoline spills, and motor oil spills.

The small kit contains Custom HC. Custom HC is a bioremediation product containing billions of petrophilic (oil eating) of specifically selected, beneficial bacteria.

Case Study Heating Oil Spill Cleanup

Client Category: Emergency response – heating oil spill

Location: Pennsylvania

Problem: 275 gallons of heating oil located in the basement were spilled when an automobile struck the building. The basement was a dirt surface and about 900 square yards were affected. TPH levels ranged from 3500-9800 ppm.

Custom Treatment: The recommended dosage of Custom HC was applied directly on the dirt basement floor. Bio-nutrients were also added.

Custom Results: The following averages were obtained after six weeks of treatment.

Hydrocarbon Testing Site 1

Before –  3500 ppm TPH

After – 63 ppm TPH

Hydrocarbon Testing Site 2 

Before  – 9800 ppm TPH

After – ND (non-detectable)

As of the date this case study, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (PA DER) had established standards for hydrocarbon contaminated soils of 200 ppm TPH. The final sample results are well within this criteria; therefore, no further corrective action was warranted for this site.

Know and follow the local and state laws when using the small spill kit.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of microbial products including the small spill kit. Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about the small spill kit and heating oil spill cleanup.

Custom Biologicals can be reached at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Bill@Custombio.biz. Distributor and dealer inquires are welcome. Domestic and international companies are encouraged to contact us.


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