Industrial Wastewater Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater

This case study is about food processing wastewater treatment using F-TREAT by Custom Biologicals. Food processing wastewater is a major problem for food manufacturers in the US. In particular, treating food processing wastewater WITHOUT adding a new facility or other large capital purchases is generally considered the most cost effective method.

This case study shows the use of F-TREAT to effectively treat food processing wastewater.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater

Client Category: Industrial wastewater treatment – Food processing and packaging plant.

Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Physical Plant: Two 5,000 gallon alternating holding tanks from one small section of the entire plant.

Flow: 20,000 GPD average, seasonal.

Problem: Extremely high BOD (35,000 mg/L average). Elevated TSS (3,500 mg/L average). Extremely high temperature ( 165°F. average). Overall plant waste stream BOD > 5,000 mg/L average.

Previous Treatment: Sodium hyperchloride was used at the rate of 100 gallons per 3,000 gallons of waste.

Previous Results: Sodium hyperchloride treatment reduced BOD to an average of 10,000. A backup of the system the previous year resulted in a loss of permit to use this treatment method. The client was proceeding to build an expensive waste treatment plant.

Custom Treatment: F-TREAT was added at a rate of 11 gallons per 4,000 gallons of waste. The holding time of each batch was approximately 6 hours. The system was buffered to reach a minimum pH of 6.

Custom Results: 

The BOD decreased to an average of 9,000 mg/L from the tanks and the overall plant BOD was reduced to an average of 2,500 BOD. The lowest overall plant BOD in the previous two years was 5,000 mg/L. Significant cost reduction from the use of the previous treatment.

Data for Food Processing Wastewater Treatment

This case study has been about the use of F-TREAT to treat food processing wastewater. It  is noted that the client was still over the local effluent standards; however, the client was able to pay a much lower surcharge and delay the building of a new wastewater treatment facility.

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