Lift Station Maintenance – Shock treatment Bacteria

Lift Station Maintenance using Shock Treatment Bacteria

by Custom Biologicals

F-TREAT Shock Treatment Bacteria – by Custom Biologicals.


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Lift stations have two major problems; FOG’s and odors. Lift station maintenance is a lot easier with the Lift Station Maintenance Kit and shock treatment bacteria, both by Custom Biologicals.

 Shock Treatment Bacteria
Lift Station Shock Treatment Bacteria

Shock Treatment Bacteria are designed to provide a jolt of fast acting bacteria to your lift station. The Shock Treatment bacteria are in a easy-to-use, effervescent tablet called a fizzytab. The fizzytabs contain billions of specifically selected, beneficial bacteria.

After a very simple preparation, the Shock Treatment bacteria are added to the lift station and can be poured down the sides to get the tough to reach grease that accumulates on the sidewalls of the lift station. The grease and oils on the sides of the lift station are a major cause of lift station odor.

Shock treatment bacteria come twenty in a tube. Preparation couldn’t be easier. Simply open the tube, pour the tabs into a five gallon bucket of water. Let the tabs dissolve (about 5 minutes). And apply! Thats it!

Lift station shock treatment bacteria are part of the lift station maintenance kit.  Contact Custom Biologicals for more information at (561) 797-3008 or via email at Email Custom.

Custom Biologicals manufactures and distributes biological products to solve environmental problems. Distributor/dealer inquires are welcome. 

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