Microbes in Sewage Treatment – A Case Study

Microbes in Sewage Treatment

Here’s a case study about microbes in sewage treatment, specifically the use of a bacterial product to reduce grease and odor at a municipal lift station.

As most professional that maintain lift stations know, grease and odor are the number one and number two lift station problems. This case study talks about odor complaints from residents and grease accumulation requiring constatnt lift station pumping. For both situations, the lift station maintenance product, by Custom Biologicals was used.

The lift station maintenance product is a microbial product designed to reduce grease, reduce odors, and reduce maintenance problems at lift stations. The lift station maintenance product makes a great case study about the use of microbes in sewage treatment. The lift station maintenance product contains F-TREAT Tabs, Tab Towers, and Shock Treatment Bacteria.

Case Study – Microbes in Sewage Treatment

Client Category: Municipal Lift Station

Location: South Eastern United States

Physical Plant: Two Average-High Municipal Life Stations, both located in residential areas. Both lift stations had odor and grease problems.

Problem: Both lift stations had odor and grease problems. The city received numerous complaints due to odor from the Lift Stations from very near-by residents. Grease accumulation required frequent pumping. Rising costs for grease disposal made pumping less cost effective than in previous years. Masking agents were used to unsuccessfully combat odor.

Previous Treatment: Treatment: Grease was vacuumed out with a pump truck approximately every two-three months.

Treatment: The Lift Stations were vacuumed prior to starting treatment. Tab Towers were installed in both stations. 10 Gallons of Shock Treatment bacteria were sprayed into each station. 10 F-Treat Tabs were dropped into the Tab Tower every two weeks.

Results: After four months of treatment with F-TREAT Tabs, the Lift Stations showed minimal grease accumulation and did not require pumping. Odor was reduced to near undetectable levels. No odor complaints were made by residents.

This case study has been about the use of microbes in sewage treatment. Custom Biologicals manufactures a variety of biological products for use in environmental applications including the lift station maintenance kit.

Custom welcomes distributor inquires both domestic  and international. Contact Custom at Bill@CustomBio.biz or (561) 797-3008 for more information.




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