New Powerpoint – Custom Biologicals Distribution Opportunities

Distribution Opportunities with Custom Biologicals

Every month, I get calls or emails from companies buying biological products from one of our competitors. The calls always start the same “I’m unhappy with my current supplier because…”.

Email Me at for a Powerpoint Presentation about Distribution Opportunities with Custom Biologicals

Don’t stay with a bad company just because you’re used to them or changing would be to hard. I can confidently say that we have the capability to manufacture or reverse engineer just about any biological product on the market today. FOR LESS!

Do yourself a favor, if you’re buying a:

Think about switching to Custom Biologicals.
Custom Biologicals has biological products for a variety of industries and uses.
•Agriculture Products  Retail:
–Ag is FASTEST GROWING Product Group
•Consumer products (septic tank)
•Wastewater Treatment
•Odor Control
•Hazardous Waste Cleanup
•Finished Products – Car Wash, Mop’n Treat, GT Tabs

Custom offers:
•Concentrated Products = Lower Shipping Costs
•Worldwide Availability
•No Minimum Purchases and Volume Pricing increases Product Profitability
•New Product Development
•Private Labeling is Available
•Easy Access to Key Personnel
•Protected Areas are Available (International Only)

Call me at (561) 797-3008 or email at
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