New Product – Lift Station Maintenance Kit

Lift Station Maintenance Kit

by Custom Biologicals

The Lift Station Maintenance Kit is the latest innovation of Custom Biologicals. The Maintenance kit combines the effectiveness of the beneficial bacteria in F-TREAT Tabs with the power of the F-TREAT Shock Treatment.

The maintenance kit contains all natural, safe, beneficial bacteria. These bacteria have been selected because of their enhanced ability to metabolize the fats, oils, and grease (Reduce FOG’s) that accumulate in a typical sewage lift station. Unlike most products that simply emulsify grease sending the grease down the line, the bacteria in the Kit actually “eat” the grease turning it into carbon dioxide and water.

The lift station maintenance kit contains two formulations; F-TREAT Tabs and F-TREAT Shock Treatment. The F-TREAT tabs are a slow release formula that continually adds beneficial, grease eating bacteria to the lift station.

The F-TREAT Shock treatment give the station a quick”jolt” of bugs.  The bacteria in  the Shock Treatment can be used to get to that hard to reach grease on the sides of the sewage lift station helping control odors.

The Lift Station Maintenance Kit has been designed with you in mind. The Kit takes 5-10 minutes to implement and, with regular use, helps control a number of lift station problems, such as;

  • Lift Station Odors,
  • Reduces Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG’s), and other organic compounds at the sewage lift station,
  • Reduces Lift Station Pumping

Quite simply, the Lift Station Maintenance Kit is the most effective lift station product on the market today.

Okay, let’s get into specifics.

There are two types of kits; the shock treatment kit and the monthly maintenance kit.

The Lift Station Shock Treatment Contains

  • 4 F-TREAT Tabs
  • 1 Tube of Shock Treatment
  • 2 Nutrient Packs
  • 1 F-TREAT Holder


The above is for lift station up to 100,000 Gallons per Day (GPD). Here’s the usage chart for other sized lift stations.

Like it sounds, the Lift Station Shock Treatment is used at day one. Here’s the use instructions.

The Lift Station Monthly Maintenance Kit Contains:

  • 8 F-TREAT Tabs
  • 2 Tubes of Shock Treatment
  • 2 Nutrient Packs

Again, this is the monthly maintenance kit for up to lift stations up to 100K GPD. Here’s the simple usage instructions and the application chart.

F-TREAT is also available as a liquid for use at industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The maintenance kit is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Contact Custom for more information.

Distributor and volume discounts are available. Dealer inquires, both domestic and international are welcome. 


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