RV Fizzytabs for Holding Tank Odor

Ever been on this trip?

Family vacation and you have the entire crew in a rented Recreational Vehicle. You’re going cross country to spend some quality time with the family. About 3 hours in someone starts to complain about smells and you figure it will go away – maybe you ran over a skunk. By the end of the day you realize that your rented RV came complete with holding tank odors. BAD ODORS  – REAL BAD.

You need to take care of the holding tank odor NOW.

RV Fizzytabs for holding tank odor

You need RV Fizzytabs by Custom Biologicals.

RV Fizzytabs for Holding Tank Odor

  • Reduces Holding Tank Odor
  • Liquifies Solids
  • Helps keep your Holding Tank Trouble Free

RV Fizzytabs are a powerful holding tank and wash tank treatment in an easy to use effervescent tablet. Simply remove a tablet from the foil, drop it into a toilet bowl, add water it necessary, allow time to dissolve and flush. THATS IT. No mixing and no messy chemicals. 


Each RV Fizzytab releases billions of beneficial bacteria into your holding tank system. The beneficial bacteria go straight to work digesting the organic material that causes holding tank odor. The bacteria also help liquefy the organic material, removing the solid crust that is harmful to the plumbing.


RV Fizzytabs for Holding Tank Odor

  • Enzyme producing bacteria
  • Digests grease and other organic wastes
  • Reduces Holding Tank Odors
  • Safe for all plumbing
  • keep drain lines free flowing
  • Environmentally friendly, green product

RV Fizzytabs are manufactured by Custom Biologicals. Custom manufactures a wide variety of environmental products for use in environmental applications including septic tanks, wastewater treatment bacteria, and lift stations


Dealer and distributor inquires, both domestic and international are welcome. Contact Custom for more information about RV Fizzytabs for Holding Tank Odor and recreational vehicles.

Custom Biologicals
Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
(561) 797-3008 
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