Septic Fizzytabs Distributor Information

Septic Fizzytabs New Distributor Information

Septic Fizzytabs are a unique, monthly septic tank maintenance product designed to help keep septic tanks running properly

Septic Fizzytabs Front Label

between pump outs. Here’s some more information about septic fizzytabs. 

They are also designed to make distributors money!

So let’s talk about Septic Fizzytabs. How they work, why you should be distributing them, and most importantly HOW YOU MAKE MONEY distributing Septic Fizzytabs.

Keep reading and you’ll find out how you can make a profit of nearly 300%. 


Septic Fizzytabs, by Custom Biologicals, are a effervescent, dissolvable tablet. Each fizzytab contains millions of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help keep septic tanks running by metabolizing (eating) the organic wastes in the septic tank.

The addition of bacteria grown in the laboratory is known as bioaugmentation. While this seems a fancy word, it really means the addition of bacteria.  Bacteria are needed in a septic system for several reasons:

  • Grease – the intestinal bacteria that usually degrade the organic material in a septic system do not have the ability to degrade greases, fats and oils that are used in cooking.  That is because these organisms only come in contact with digested fats, oils and grease.  The addition of the bacteria in Septic Fizzytabs™ allows the greases, fats and oils to degrade.  Once the degradation process begins, the indigenous bacteria continue to degrade the remaining organic materials.


  • Replacement – In today’s world, homeowners are aggressively trying to kill bacteria with anti-microbial soaps, shampoos, dishwater detergents and even pharmaceutical antibiotics.  These products all end up in the septic tank and a lot of these products are very effective.  Regular dosing of the bacteria in Septic Fizzytabs™ will help restore the biological component of the septic tank to optimal conditions.


  • Field Protection – In addition to antimicrobials, regular soaps and emulsifiers can be harmful to a leaching field.  These soaps can bypass (and allow emulsified grease to bypass) the septic tank, which is designed to stop grease from entering the field.   The grease and the soap “scum” can build up in the field and cause the field to lose drainage capacity.   When enough of the field is stopped up, the field will become slow and eventually fail. The cost of field replacement is EXTREME in comparison to regular tank pumping and use of Septic Fizzytabs™.


  1. MONTHLY:  For normal, single family homes, use 1 Septic Fizzytab™ per month.
  2. WEEKLY:  For slow systems, mild odor problems and/or mild problem fields, use 1 Septic Fizzytab™ per week.
  3. DAILY for 30 days:  For Extremely SLOW systems, problem fields or extreme odor fields, use 1 Septic Fizzytab™ per day for 30 days, then use 1 Septic Fizzytab™ per week.

Distributor Benefits –

  • “Truck Friendly”    – Freezing or hot temperatures in vehicle will not harm the bacteria in Fizzytabs™.
  • Marketable packaging – clean and professional
  • Labels are inside – package will not be ruined from wet or dirty hands.
  • Light weight – easy to carry in truck, easy to demo to customer – LESS money to ship.
  • Envelopes are available to ship next years supply without manpower of a delivery!
  • Multiple Packaging Options – Available in packaging to meet multiple applications and markets.
  • Private Labeled – YOUR contact information printed on the package – the customer re-orders with you!
  • Customer Benefits– “Housewife Friendly”
    • Easy to open, easy to store
    • EASY TO USE: no mixing of powder, no measuring of liquid.
    • Simply cut open the foil pouch, drop it in the toilet, watch it fizz, and flush it!
    • Requires very little cabinet space – can cleanly fit in with towels and linens.
    • Does not leave powder residue or liquid “ring” in cabinet.

How Distributors Make Money Distributing Septic Fizzytabs

Order a Minicase of 20 Yearly Supplies NOW! Only $180.00 plus shipping. 

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Ok, I saved the important part for the last. How you can make money distributing septic fizzytabs.

Septic fizzytabs are highly profitable for distributors. How profitable. We’ll lets do some quick math.

Septic fizzytabs come packed 12 tabs in a package. So the standard packaging is a yearly supply. A mini case contains 20 yearly supplies and costs distributors $200. The typical retail price of the fizzytabs is $39.99. So, when the case of 20 is sold it will have generated $799.80 in sales, minus the $200.00 cost for a net profit of $599.80. 

So for an investment of $200 you will have made $599.80 in profit for a profit percentage of nearly 300%.

Custom helps our distributors in a number of ways like:

  • Private Labeling
  • Small Case Sizes
  • Free Samples for Your Customers
Contact Custom Biologicals to get started distributing septic fizzytabs.
 Custom Biologicals
Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
(561) 797-3008






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