Sewage Treatment Using a Lagoon – A Case Study

This is an interesting sewage treatment case study that took place in Mazatlan, Mexico. F-TREAT by Custom Biologicals is the product featured in this case study. F-TREAT is a biological wastewater treatment product designed to reduce BOD, COD, and FOG’s in sewage treatment plants, lagoons, and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

In this case study, the wastewater treatment plant for  the city was overcapacity and there was no funding for a new sewage treatment plant. The decision was made to convert an existing, freshwater lagoon into a treatment plant.

The conversion was simply plastic dividers to channel the wastewater in a circular motion around the lagoon. In this manner, we were able to increase the retention time inside the lagoon. As you’ll see below, this solution proved to be an inexpensive alternative to building a new sewage treatment system.

Sewage Treatment Using a Lagoon – A Case Study

Client Category: Municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Location: Mazatlan, Mexico

Physical Plant: The lagoon was about 300 Meter in length and 50 Meter in width. Depth was about 1.5 Meters. Baffles were installed in the lagoon to direct the flow of the wastewater

Flow: 1.7 MGD (million gallons per day) overflow.

Problem: Low reduction of BOD and COD. Overflow water with high BOD and COD overloaded existing municipal treatment plant.

Previous Treatment: none

Treatment: F-TREAT was dispensed directly into the waste stream and sprayed on the surface of the lagoon. Several pretreatment applicators for F-TREAT were set up with the city.

The following results occurred after one month of treatment:

Sewage Treatment Plant Results: 

Data for Sewage Treatment Plant

This sewage treatment plant case study shows the use of F-TREAT in an unconventional setting, an existing freshwater lagoon. F-TREAT has been designed for use in sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater systems, lagoons, rivers, and streams.

F-TREAT is manufacture by Custom Biologicals. Contact Custom for more information about sewage treatment using F-TREAT.

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