Small Spill Kit – Clean up Hydrocarbon Spills

Small Spill Kit – Clean up Hydrocarbon Spills

Announcing the Small Spill Kit – by Custom Biologicals. 

Sometimes hydrocarbon spills happen and even booms and absorbents aren’t enough. You know there is still oil there – what can you do?

This is exactly the situation that the small spill kit is designed for. The small spill kit contains Custom HC, bioremediation bacteria. Custom HC contains all natural, safe, bioremediation bacteria. These bacteria, sometimes called microbes, have been specifically selected based on their safety and on their enhanced ability to metabolize (eat) petroleum products such a oil, diesel, and gasoline.

Small Spill Kit is all you need to clean up your small spill.

Buy the Small Spill Kit Here. Enough Custom HC to treat 5 cubic meters or 25 square meters.

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The small spill kit is ideal for:

  • Engine Oil Leaks
  • Small Gas Spills
  • Small Oil Spills
  • Heating Oil Spills
  • Small Diesel Spills
  • Small Plane Fuel Spills
  • Small Boat Fuel Spills
  • Dry Dock Fuel Spills
  • Fuel Siphon Accidents
  • Generator Fuel Spill
  • Lawnmower Gas Spill
  • Marine Dock Fuel Spills
  • Fuel Tank Spills
  • Motorcycle Fuel Spills
  • ATV Fuel Spills
  • GoCart Fuel Spills
  • Gas Overage Spill

Every week, someone calls me, and asks how to clean up a small spill.   They tell me it is too small to report, according to the law, but they want to clean it up anyway.  People use absorbents, but that does not clean up the diesel fuel smell, or remove the residual diesel fuel dye.   Custom HC will reduce, remove or eliminate the gas odor and  diesel odor!  GUARANTEED!

Booms and absorbents still left a mess:   Use Custom HC!

Diesel Odor is still there:   Use Custom HC!

Diesel Red color dye is still there:  Use Custom HC!

Custom HC can even take the Diesel Odor out of carpets!

Oil Sorbents are good, but not good enough?  Use Custom HC!

Degrade diesel in soil or water:   Use Custom HC!

Degrade gas on land or sea:   Use Custom HC!

Gas spill in rocks or gravel:   Use Custom HC!

Gas in Septic Tank?   Use Custom HC!

Oil Water Separator surcharges?  Use Custom HC

Bioremediation is the process of using bacteria, fungi, or other organisms to degrade pollutants and return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.  BioAugmentation is bioremediation with the application of laboratory grown organisms to increase pollutant degradation, reduce cleanup time, and reduce costs of nutrients, machines, and manpower.

Small Spill kit is manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Dealer/distributor inquires both domestic and international are welcome. 

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