Using Shock Treatment Bacteria to Reduce Lift Station Problems

Using Shock Treatment Bacteria to Reduce Lift Station Problems

Shock treatment bacteria, by Custom Biologicals are a unique and innovative way to handle lift station problems. As

Lift station problems solver
Shock treatment bacteria

any lift station maintenance professional knows, lift stations have two major problems; FOG’s and odor. Shock treatment bacteria have been designed to handle these two important lift station problems.

Shock treatment bacteria come as a tube of twenty fizzytabs. They are small, effervescent tablets about the size of a US quarter. When placed in a five gallon pail, the fizzytabs dissolve in about 5 minutes. That’s all the preparation you need! Once the tabs have dissolved, apply the solution to the lift station. If your lift station has FOG’s on the sides (and almost all lift stations have this problem), pour the now liquid shock treatment bacteria around the sides of the lift station. Make sure to get the product on as much of the grease spots as possible.

The shock treatment bacteria will now go to work eating the fats, oils and grease (FOG’s) on the side of the lift station. And, they’ll jump start biological activity with the lift station too! Further reducing the FOG’s and odors in the lift station.

To continue maintaining the lift station, use the lift station maintenance kit, also by Custom Biologicals. Here’s a link. 

About now, you’re thinking that other liquid lift station bacteria claim to have the same benefits as our shock treatment product. So let’s compare.

Shock Treatment Bacteria costs – $59.00 with FREE US and Canada Shipping. How much are you currently paying for 5 gallons of bacteria for your lift station?

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Shock Treatment bacteria and the lift station maintenance product are manufactured and distributed by Custom Biologicals. Distributor and dealer inquires are welcome. Contact Custom Biologicals to discuss your lift station problems.

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