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New Products by Custom Biologicals


Lift Station Maintenance Product – The lift station maintenance kit is designed with lift station problems in mind; FOG’s and odor. The lift station maintenance kit contains both F-TREAT Tabs and Shock Treatment Bacteria. The F-TREAT tabs control fats, oils and grease (FOG) in the lift station. The shock treatment bacteria help “jump start” the biological activity in the lift station and help with those hard to reach spots in the sides of the lift station.


Car Wash Odor Control Fizzytabs

Car Wash Odor Control Product  – This product is designed to eliminate nasty odors in car wash recycle water. No one wants to wash their car with water that smells like rotten eggs or gasoline. This is a do-it-yourself kit for owner/operators of commercial car washes. More information is here. 

The car wash odor control kit is offered as a starter kit and a monthly maintenance kit.

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Oil Water Separator Kit containing Custom HC

Oil Water Separator Kit – This product is designed to treat oil water separators by reducing the pumping frequency, reducing odors, and reducing BTEX and TPH.

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