Why Aeration Alone Won’t Make My Lagoon Odor Go Way?

Why Aeration Alone Won’t Make My Lagoon Odor Go Way?

Here’s the situation. You have just purchased, or recommended, the company purchase, an expensive aeration system to take care of your lagoon odor problems. After all, the salesman said it would work. He explained that aerobic bacteria don’t create those nasty H2S odors, anaerobic bacteria do. So by simply adding aeration, you’ll change the environment in the lagoon. And Presto – Rotten Egg Odor Gone. No more neighbors complaining about lagoon odor.

So you spend the money, install the aeration system and turn it on. Unfortunately, the odor problem doesn’t go away.

IT GETS WORSE! An Overwhelming stench of hydrogen sulfide fills the air and your nostrils.

The installer says not to worry, it will get better over time. So what just happened? Why didn’t the lagoon odor go away with aeration?

First, we’ll need to talk about the microenvironmental situation in  the lagoon. In a typical wastewater lagoon, the wastewater stratifies. In other words, some of the water floats and some sinks. Because of this, only the top layer of the wastewater lagoon receives oxygen. As a consequence, obligate anaerobes ( bacteria that cannot survive in the presence of oxygen) proliferate in the lagoon. Obligate anaerobes (bacteria that need oxygen to survive) have only two choices; rise to the surface, or die off. Most wastewater lagoons, have way to much organic waste for the natural bacteria to process. So the anaerobes take over, producing that wonderful Hydrogen sulfide odor (and other wastewater and lagoon odor).

So lets get back to our problem – the lagoon odor that just got worse.

Adding aeration did kill off the anaerobic bacteria. The problem is there are so few aerobic bacteria left, there is no way the can handle all of the waste in the lagoon. The digestion of the organic material in the lagoon stops and as the lagoon get stirred up – LAGOON ODOR GETS WORSE.

Alright, so how do you solve this problem. Simple. Add F-TREAT by Custom Biologicals. F-TREAT is wastewater treatment bacteria. These bacteria have been specifically selected because of their enhanced ability to digest the organic materials found in wastewater without causing hydrogen sulfide odors.

Contact Custom Biologicals for more information about how to treat lagoon odor and prevent hydrogen sulfide problems at your facility.

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